Nonprofit Mastermind Podcast

The Power of The CEO Day

November 01, 2022 Brooke Richie-Babbage
Nonprofit Mastermind Podcast
The Power of The CEO Day
Show Notes

In this week’s episode, I talk about a powerful strategy for getting out of the weeds in your organization: The CEO Day (also known as the personal leadership retreat).
So often we label taking time for big-picture thinking as a "nice to have." But it’s actually a must have: We need to make time for our CEO -level work just as we make time for anything else that’s critical if we want the organization to grow and be sustainable. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • The importance of scheduling CEO Days into your annual calendar 
  • How to structure and plan for your CEO Day 
  • The 5 questions around which you should organization your CEO Day 

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